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Drunk apple jam with exotic flavor

Drunk apple jam with exotic flavor

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Peeled apples and seeds are cut into smaller cubes. Place in a pot in which we will cook a row of apples, sprinkle with lemon juice, cover with sugar, and apples, lemon and sugar but keep a quarter of the sugar for boiling. We also put some apple peels that we will remove after boiling.

The next day we boil on low heat, stirring constantly, add the spices and at the end we put the rest of the sugar and brandy. I always use some of the sugar towards the end of cooking so the jam binds much better and yes I used only 300 grams of sugar, there is no need to use an equal amount of sugar with the fruit. If you want a lighter, freckle-free jam, use cinnamon rolls instead of powder and remove them after boiling.

ingredients cocktail:
15 ml schnapps with grape flavor
15 ml schnapps with watermelon aroma
15 ml lemon rom
10 ml orange juice
3 drops of apple juice

Combine both schnapps (grape and watermelon) with Bacardi lemon, orange and apple juice in a classic glass.

You can serve Amnesia cocktail with or without ice. Try it, you will like it!

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A multi-carnivorous feast: chicken, beef and pork. This surprise dish, which I will call simple: three in one, discreetly hides in a chicken, sarmalute in beef sheets, stuffed with beef mixed with pork. With a vegetable garnish the dish is ready! . Chicken stew with potatoes
Easy to make, this dish full of flavor and color, can get you out of trouble when the family is hungry and you haven't had it for too long! . Chicken with apricots
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50 tapioca recipes to enjoy healthily

Healthy and nutritious, tapioca is an excellent alternative for those who want to lose weight and maintain a balanced diet, after all, does not contain sodium and no fat. In addition, tapioca is gluten-free and an option for celiacs (people who have gluten intolerance).

Very practical and easy to make, tapioca replaces bread and combined with the right filling, forms complete meals that serve both as a main course and as a dessert or a quick snack. Not to mention that tapioca flour is widely used. That is, the gum used to make tapioca dough can also be used in other recipes, such as cakes and bread.

The assortment of fillings is huge and so it is a dish that is easy to include in the food and adapt it to your desire. The same fillings used for tapioca can be filled with other similar mounting plates (pancakes, wraps and crepiocas), what changes is the recipe of the meal and the nutritional value of each.

Check out the following list of 50 tapioca recipes, including tasty, sweet and other tapioca dishes. In addition to the recipe for tapioca, pancakes, pasta and crepioca pasta. If you prefer to go directly to the topic: recipes

  • with salty fillings
  • Recipes with sweet fillings
  • Other recipes using tapioca
  • How to prepare tapioca meal

Salted tapioca fillings 1.

simple Tapioca with butter: This is the classic tapioca recipe. The filling is just melted butter with the heat of the dough, reminiscent of a loaf of bread on a plate. It's a wonderful breakfast order.

Tapioca with ham and cheese. Photo: Playback / Fast Revenue

2. ham and cheese tapioca: Filling this option is also quite traditional, but it is still a delicious combination. The cool thing is that ham can be replaced with other "cold meats" (turkey breast, mortadella) and cheese may be the favorite.

3. Tapioca with creamy chicken and ricotta filling: Tapioca and chicken are nutritious foods that together form a healthy and delicious combination. To complete the "fit fit" meal, take the ricotta recipe. Be sure to add to the menu!

4. Pink tapioca with chicken filling: with a different ingredient in the dough, this tapioca is pink. The effect is generated by beets, a natural and vitaminized dye. To fill your tapioca, a practical and delicious option is pate, which in this case is chicken.5.

toni tapioca : this recipe is a good option for summer. Refreshing and healthy, tapioca is filled with tuna and lots of salads (lettuce and carrots), forming a kind of sandwich. Try!6.

Dried tapioca meat : for northeastern food lovers this recipe is accurate. The tapioca meal joins the octopus load and forms a juicy, nutritious combination with the northeast face.Tapioca Mexicana. Photo: Reproduction / Lucilia Diniz

Mexican tapioca : this recipe is already for Mexican food fans. The filling is a combination of solid beef, beans and pepper. It is an alternative to get out of the basics when preparing your tapioca. 8.

Tapioca guacamole: Even in the world of Mexican cuisine, there is the option to fill tapioca with guacamole. In this recipe, the small boats were prepared with dough, but the table format is at your discretion, it is important to try this filling!9.

Tapioca shrimp : with a very moist and creamy texture, this recipe is an option to replace dinner. The most time consuming phase of the recipe is the preparation of the sauce, but it is worth the wait!10.

Tapioca code : as in the previous recipe, this recipe is a little more time consuming due to the preparation of the sauce. Easy to digest and rich in vitamins, cod is a filling that can be served for dinner and forms a super-healthy combination with tapioca. 11

Canoinhas tapioca au gratin: stuffed tomatoes and basil, this is a tapioca served as a snack has the advantage that practicality. The special touch of the recipe is due to the Parmesan cheese.12. press Tapioca pizza

: tomato sauce, cheese and oregano. This is what happens in this delicious recipe, a practice that reaches children and adults. The tapioca meal is a great way to replace regular pizza dough in a celiac diet. Tapioca with cheese cheese income.13.

income: this tapioca is to eat with your eyes, because in addition to being tasty, it is beautiful. The filling is curd cheese, being a suitable and vegetarian option, and the special effect of tapioca is made with the cheese itself. Try! 14.Dried red tapioca

: This is also a fit and vegetarian recipe. The idea is not to fill, but to innovate in mass preparation. The gum mixed with dried tomatoes, in addition to obtaining the reddish color, also receives the aroma, forming an excellent combination with lettuce or white sauce. 15.Tapioca with flax, egg and tomato seeds

: Combining flax seeds and tapioca gum, the dough becomes even more nutritious. With the beaten egg filling (rich in protein) with tomatoes (contains vitamins and minerals), this tapioca becomes a complete option. 16Tapioca with flaxseed gold

: Following the same idea of ​​increasing the mass of nutrients, this recipe is prepared with golden flaxseed in the mass and the classic butter filling. 17.Tapioca with golden golden seeds

: this dough also bears flax seeds and is called a wrapper because of the way the dough was rolled. In addition to flax seeds, the recipe contains salad, ingredients that leave the vessel rich in fiber. Sweet tapioca fillingsCoffee tapioca. Photo: playback ideas / Scrambled

Tapioca coffee with sweet milk

: this is a recipe that combines striking flavors and is perfect for those who like coffee, because the dough is made with that special ingredient. The filling is due to the sweetness of the milk, generating a balance with the bitter taste present in the mass. 19.Tapioca with apples and coffee

: this recipe has very unusual ingredients, but the end result is very tasty. The mixture of crunchy walnuts and coffee with apple filling gives a special note. 20 Tapioca cream cheese and guava paste

: the famous Romeo and Juliet could not be missed, it is a fairly traditional tapioca filling, and the result is delicious! 21Banana Tapioca and

condensed milk: this is a very common practice to fill tapioca with fruit, and tasty, it is a healthy option. In this case, not so healthy, because the recipe contains condensed milk, but the mixture is wet in the mouth. It pays to get a little out of the diet and taste! 22 tapioca bananas, cinnamon and honey

: this tapioca also has the main ingredient banana, but combined with other ingredients that are very good for fruit couples: cinnamon and honey. The mixture is tasty and nutritious, rich in protein and minerals (mainly potassium) and with antioxidant effect (due to the properties of cinnamon and honey). 23. cup Cupuaçu tapioca jelly: Another option for filling sweet tapioca is to invest in jellies. Although it seems difficult, it is possible to do house locks without too much effort. This option is cupuaçu, a very beneficial food for health, because it is rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. It's worth including in your food!

24. Tapioca with passion fruit jelly: This is another jelly option, in this case the passion fruit, which forms a refreshing combination with tapioca. A good order for summer or a quick snack! Strawberry tapioca with condensed milk. Photo: Play / View Nutri

25 Tapioca strawberries with condensed milk: this is a tapioca, which also has a classic and delicious filling: strawberries and condensed milk. Tapioca goes well as an afternoon snack and is very easy to make. Be sure to test!

of tapioca with strawberries and coconut : In this recipe the tapioca table forms a basket, which is filled, however, you can fill and roll the tapioca as you prefer. Due to its individual format, it can be served as a dessert.27

Tapioca with sweet pumpkin light: this recipe teaches us how to prepare a light pumpkin light is great as a tapioca filling and brings that taste of "grandma's house".28.

Tapioca with condensed coconut milk : This is the classic sweet tapioca filling. Simple and inexpensive, it is a recipe that takes few ingredients and is easy to reproduce at home. A great choice for dessert!29.

Brigadier tapioca fit : It is difficult to find someone who resists a brigade, but he is considered a villain for those who want to lose weight. Learn how to make a zero sugar brigadeiro to line up your tapioca and eat without guilt.Other recipes that use tapioca

In addition to the tapioca filling options, it is possible to create an infinite number of recipes using tapioca gum as the main or secondary ingredient. Check out different ways to use tapioca and be amazed by the variety of recipes. Tapioca cheese bread. Photo: Reproduction / therapy of panels30. tap Tapioca cheese bread

: Among the various recipes possible to reproduce using tapioca is cheese bread. As in the traditional recipe, tapioca cheese bread is a quick and easy recipe, in addition to being a delicacy. A good application for anyone who is gluten intolerant and loves cheesecake!

31. fund Roast Tapioca Dadinhos

: This is a great recipe to serve as a snack, as it is easy to eat and easy to prepare. These small tapioca cubes can also be fried, but frying them is a healthier option. They are very well accompanied by a pepper jelly. Worth investing!

32 Tapioca sushi with salmon and cream cheese: sushi, one of the most traditional and delicate dishes of oriental cuisine can be prepared with tapioca. The idea is to prepare a beautiful and healthy dish without much work. Be sure to test at home!

33. Tapioca sushi with salmon, apricots and ricotta: this is also a recipe for sushi rolled with tapioca meal. The recipe takes salmon, ricotta and apricot, mixing flavors and textures and forming an exotic and healthy combination.

Crepe lasagna. Photo: Play / pinch 34

Lasagna crepioca: the recipe in question was prepared with the crepioca meal (a tapioca variation with egg and / or milk), which contains more protein than tapioca. The dough replaced the common lasagna dough and was layered with layers of sauce, zucchini and carrot. Total fit! 35. press Tapioca burrito: another recipe that mixes tapioca and Mexican cuisine. The filling is Mexican chilli with beans, lettuce and cheese and to be even a burrito you have to look at how to roll the tapioca (in a cylindrical shape).

Tapioca cake with dried meat : this idea can also be served as a snack and, although it is fried, the advantage is in the gluten-free dough. Patty fit. Photo: Reproducere / Living Alone

37. Tie fit: another recipe that won the tapioca version was pie. Quick and few ingredients, the recipe also has the advantage of being able to receive different fillings depending on the taste of each.

38. Tapioca suffix: this recipe promises to captivate you with your eyes and aroma. The soul is stuffed with ham, which makes this recipe less healthy. But nothing prevents it from being replaced with another ingredient.

39 Tapioca and manga sofas : go for sweet recipes, but following the line of snacks, here is a refreshing and beautiful choice for summer. Super practical, the recipe consists of preparing mini tapiocas and putting a piece of mango on the dough. It is possible to decorate with mint leaves.40.

Tapioca couscous : switching to sweet recipes, but following the line of snacks, here is a refreshing and beautiful option for summer. Super practical, the recipe consists of preparing mini tapiocas and putting a piece of mango on the dough. It is possible to decorate with mint leaves.Vanilla cream with tapioca. Photo: Reproduction / therapy of panels

41. Press Tapioca cream with vanilla : a very light dessert that is very well combined with fruit jellies. The only bad thing is to wait two hours to freeze so you can taste the sweetness.42

Tapioca porridge: in addition to being super simple to prepare, this recipe can be enjoyed as hot as it is cold, or it can be made in summer or winter and can be served the way you like best. a lot.43

Tapioca Caviar: This is known sago income, which for those who do not know is made from cassava flour, and tapioca. A healthy and delicious dessert alternative. 44ice cream tapioca

: Surprisingly, there is income even tapioca sorteve, and according to the owner of the income the taste is divine. For those who like to try new things, this is a great suggestion! 45

Tapioca geladinho: for those who want to cool off on hot days, but do not have the patience to beat the ice cream of tapioca, there is the possibility of making a geladinho (aka freezie), which also leads to tapioca. Worth a try in the summer! 46Creamy Tapioca with Fudge and

Roasted Coconut: This used tapioca recipe is granulated and not in flour and combines with Fudge and Roasted Coconut, ingredients that are delicious together. According to the owner of the recipe, this candy looks a lot like sweet rice, just better. Creamy tapioca powder. Photo: Redare / Blog Thassia47

Eat tapioca creams : This is another dessert with granulated tapioca and has a very creamy texture. In addition to being healthy, delicacy is appetizing just to show off!48. Touch the Tapioca pudding with coconut

: Simple and easy to make, this tapioca pudding promises to mimic the texture of traditional pudding. The biggest difficulty of this recipe is to deform, but the secret is to let the pudding be very cold and firm. 49tapioca pudding with nuts and

Maple syrup: This is another pudding recipe, but in this case you need an ingredient a little hard to find, however, maple syrup can be replaced with honey, which is more affordable. A beautiful and tasty dessert!

50 tapioca pudding with pineapple sauce: to complete the selection of recipes with tapioca, a recipe for another pudding, because it is made with hydrated tapioca. Looking fresher, it is a refreshing and healthy dessert option.

How to prepare pasta Before testing all these filling suggestions and tapioca innovations, you need to learn how to prepare the dough. Check out the video tutorials on how to prepare the tapioca meal, as well as the pancake, wrap and crepioca recipe, which can also be filled with previous suggestions. Attach Tapioca dough cre Crepe doughDough dough

Ficifolia or pumpkin figolistnaya native to South America. In the wild, it grows in mountainous areas. In Europe, the seeds of an exotic pumpkin appeared about 3 centuries ago. Its fruits have been used as food for fodder and for the preparation of culinary dishes.

Varieties of fitsyfolii not so much. In Russia, there is only one - In memory of Tarakanov. It differs from a wild colleague by a higher yield - in one piece it is possible to collect 8 fruits weighing up to 4 kg. The flesh of a varietal pumpkin is sweeter, contains many pectins (4.5%), has a pleasant melon aroma. Fruit leftovers are stored for only 9 months.

The best coconut cookies

The ingredients you need for these cakes are as follows:

- half a teaspoon of salt

- a quarter teaspoon of baking powder

- 120 gr of unsalted butter, cut into cubes

- a teaspoon of vanilla essence.

The preparation method is as follows:

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius, and then place 200 g of coconut flakes on a tray. The remaining amount of flakes should be mixed with sugar, salt and baking powder. It is preferable to use a small food processor for this, so that the mix is ​​homogeneous. After that, add the butter, the egg and the vanilla essence in the robot's container, continuing to mix, until you get a unitary composition. At the end, add flour and make sure to mix this time too until everything turns into a fine dough, without lumps.

Using a spoon, take small amounts of the composition and pass them through the coconut flakes kept separately. The cookies can have any shape you want: spherical, oval or slightly domed, with a flat base.

Once you have passed this stage and finished all the dough, put the cakes obtained in the oven, in a tray whose bottom is lined with baking paper. Let them bake for 23-25 ​​minutes or until they turn golden. Then, take them out of the oven, leave them to cool and enjoy them with your loved ones!

Now that you know how to cook coconut cookies, discover here another recipe in which this exotic fruit is a basic ingredient: coconut and pineapple cake!

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lidia 6 years ago - November 25, 2011 11:30 AM

Re: Crepes Suzette

hello ioana
looks great recipe, tell me please can i replace the orange liqueur with sour cherry?

Ioana 6 years ago - November 25, 2011 13:30

Re: Crepes Suzette

of course, the aroma of orange matches that of cherries. will come out excellent

Monica Mihaly 6 years ago - 25 November 2011 15:25

Re: Crepes Suzette

uauuuuuuuu looks bestialll

Mari Ana 6 years ago - 25 November 2011 15:50

Re: Crepes Suzette

It's a dessert I've been making for a long time, I accidentally found the recipe in a magazine. It is not identical, but the taste is excellent. I put the juice from an orange and a half lemon, plus Santal orange juice and slices of orange and lemon in the sauce that forms and then the pancakes. I don't put liqueur and I don't flambé them, but I think it's worth the show. I will try.

Ioana 6 years ago - November 25, 2011 16:51

Re: Crepes Suzette

It is definitely worth it, the children will be delighted by the spells you cast in the kitchen

D. 6 years ago - 26 November 2011 19:13

Re: Crepes Suzette

I'll try the recipe tomorrow. I have rum, I have cognac but I don't have orange liqueur. But I have the essence of orange. Will it be a problem if I "prepare" a spoonful of rum liqueur + orange essence?

Ioana 6 years ago - November 26, 2011 20:32

Re: Crepes Suzette

do not put the essence, it will spoil the natural taste of the sauce. put rum and brandy.

D. 6 years ago - 27 November 2011 18:51

Re: Crepes Suzette

I did it. Good thing I didn't call guests, it was a fiasco. rather, just buckling. He did NOT want my alcohol to light up at all. But not at all. In the meantime, I realized that maybe everything had to be warm for it to light up. I put it in the oven on the grill, took it out and poured another portion of cognac, thinking that the rest had evaporated through the oven. I tried to light anything. then I lit an eye on the stove and put the tray on it, and then I tried again and it caught. finally. it didn't burn much because it went out. nevermind, we served it and I think it didn't come out at all, the alcohol didn't evaporate and we got drunk on 4 pancakes each.
It's the first recipe that didn't work out for me, I would definitely eat more if someone else made them. who knows how.

Ioana 6 years ago - 28 November 2011 09:03

Re: Crepes Suzette

of course everything should be not hot but hot when you flambe. The sauce in your pan was hot, wasn't it? that is, as soon as you prepared it, it had to bubble violently. the pan is then removed from the heat for only a few seconds (as a precautionary measure, do not accidentally ignite the alcohol when you pour it and take it unprepared), pour the alcohol and turn it on. That's all. that's why I said to have all the ingredients ready, at hand. so that there is no break between stages.

this thing is not a great philosophy, you just need a little courage to play with fire

lucia 5 years ago - 7 March 2012 10:08

Re: Crepes Suzette

if I don't have liqueur and brandy can I use brandy, my husband's brandy?

Ioana 5 years ago - March 7, 2012 10:32

Re: Crepes Suzette

alice 5 years ago - March 28, 2012 10:32

Re: Crepes Suzette

the pancakes look sensational - but the guest phase doesn't really delight me, guests would do well to eat at home

Ioana 5 years ago - March 28, 2012 10:33

Re: Crepes Suzette

but they don't have to be guests, they can be the husband / boyfriend

mary 5 years ago - 28 March 2012 21:25

Re: Crepes Suzette

alice 5 years ago - 2 April 2012 09:13

Re: Crepes Suzette

Daniela Domenicalli 5 years ago - 7 May 2012 09:59

Re: Crepes Suzette

'' And believe me, nothing benefits a woman's face better than the light of fire. "That's if the light of the fire comes from somewhere above the woman's face. If it comes from below (as in this case, the pan is held in the hand, at the chest) it's a horror movie! Try to see yourself in the mirror holding a candle below the figure, at the level of the chest.

Ioana 5 years ago - 7 May 2012 10:05

Re: Crepes Suzette

at the restaurant the candles are on the table and I like the ladies in this light. as well as those in the movies, by the light of the fireplace. It seems to me that the light from above casts shadows under my eyes and nose and it's worse.

mihaela 5 years ago - 31 August 2012 22:05

Re: Crepes Suzette

is it possible without buckling? I'm a little scared to try

Ioana 5 years ago - 2 September 2012 12:35

Re: Crepes Suzette

yes, just let the sauce boil until the alcohol evaporates

cristi 2 years ago - 4 September 2015 22:56

Re: Crepes Suzette

there are some tricks here as well, like everywhere
- making sure that there is enough alcohol, about 40-50 ml,
kept in a closed bottle.
- heat the bottle as far as the hand can support or use the glove.
- pour hot alcohol over the preparation,
- light immediately using a lighter.
Be careful, alcohol dropped on the table, gloves, etc., can ignite and you can have unpleasant surprises.

paula 2 years ago - 10 October 2015 16:33

Re: Crepes Suzette

there is nothing true in this recipe, not even the ingredients talk about how to prepare it

How to prepare the recipe for flavored veal roll with dried fruit?

The meat is unfolded like a schnitzel, in a sheet as thin as possible and beat lightly with a hammer, without breaking. Season with all the spices (ideally to be freshly ground) and sprinkle with lemon juice. Cut the zucchini into 4 lengthwise and place on the meat, and place the fennel (not required) and the dried fruit between the zucchini bars. Roll, tie the roll tightly with string, put in the pan, add the rosemary, oil and water and put in the oven. For a start, cover it with a lid or aluminum foil, and when the fork enters easily, uncover it and let it brown a little.

Allow to cool and slice.

It is extremely tasty and colorful, this roll is one of our favorites. It can be served with a garnish of your choice and salad.

See other blogs on the blog, go to MY RECIPES, find everything in alphabetical order.

Baked goose steak - flavor and delicacy

The ingredients you need to prepare it baked goose steak stuffed with apples and apricots:

1 goose (3.5 - 4 kg)
2 apples
A casserole of dried apricots
4 onions
2 rosemary sprigs
2 morvoci
100 ml of red wine
Food starch

The goose washes very well and cleans the claws, the tips of the wings and the throat. Rub with salt and pepper both inside and outside to get a spicy steak. Cut the fruit into small cubes and mix with two finely chopped onions. The mixture is also seasoned with salt and pepper. To bind the mixture a little, you can beat an egg to mix with fruits and onions. After you have done all this, the composition with which you will fill the gang is ready. After using the whole mixture to fill the goose, it is good to mow it to make sure that the filling does not come out while the goose stays in the oven.

The goose is placed in the tray. The rest of the onions and carrots are cleaned and cut into small pieces, then sprinkled so as to cover all the space left free in the tray. Place the tray in the oven for an hour and a half. After this the gang must be turned over and it is good to pour a little water in the tray. Put the tray in the oven for another hour to get one baked goose steak crunchy.

5 things you can do with a used vanilla bean

Vanilia este esentiala in bucatarie, mai ales in retetele pentru deserturi. Este exotica si diafana. Iar cea autentica este un produs scump. E pacat sa o irosesti. De aceea, pana si cojile razuite de minusculele seminte aromate pot fi folosite mai departe in bucatarie pentru ca pot da la fel de multa savoare intr-un preparat.

Aromele din pastaile de vanilie difera in functie de zona in care este crescuta planta. In magazine vei gasi cel mai adesea vanilie de Bourbon, originara din Madagascar despre care se spune ca are cea mai pronuntata aroma pentru ca are si cele mai mari cantitati de vanilina.

Mai sunt, insa, alte cateva varietati care sunt speciale. Vanilia din Indonezia are o aroma usor afumata, cea din Mexic are arome fructate, iar cea din Tahiti note florale. O pastaie de vanilie buna trebuie sa fie moale, umflata, usor lipicioasa si usor de indoit.

Pastaia ramasa dupa ce i-ai luat tot miezul nu trebuie aruncata. Poate fi folosita pentru alte preparate delicioase sau pentru alte ingrediente aromate de care ai nevoie.

1. Zahar vanilat ( sau sare vanilata)

Este trucul pe care aproape toata lumea il stie. Pastaia ramasa este indesata intr-un borcan umplut cu zahar si lasata pentru cateva zile sa dea gust. Mai bine de atat, poti usca pastaile folosite si le poti macina impreuna cu zaharul intr-o rasnita sau cu un robot de bucatarie.

Dupa acelasi model poti face si sare vanilata pe care sa o folosesti pentru biscuiti, in caramel sau budinci, pentru morcovi caramelizati, homar sau cartofi dulci.

2. Pentru fructe posate

Nu ai nevoie de o pastaie de vanilie intreaga pentru a posa fructele. Poti pune pastaia folosita in lichidul in care urmeaza sa pui pere, gutui, mere sau alte fructe preferate. Iar lichdul gros ca un sirop care ramane in urma poate fi pastrat pentru a aroma ceaiuri sau pentru a fi turnat peste inghetata.

3. Pentru extract de vanilie facut acasa

In mod obisnuit ar trebui sa folosesti pastai de vanilie intregi, dar si cele deja folosite pot fi bune. Mai ai nevoie de o tarie (votca, rom, bourbon) si un borcan cu capac. Iti dam toate sfaturile si iti spunem cum sa facci extract de vanilie, pas cu pas, HERE.

4. Pentru ceai sau cafea mai aromate

Daca iti place cafeaua astfel aromata, poti pune pastaia in ibric cand o fierbi sau poti macina o pastaie uscata cu boabele de cafea preferate. La fel de simplu este sa pui o pastaie de vanilie folosita intr-un ceainic si sa adaugi si multa miere.

5. Pentru saruri de baie

Daca ai saruri de baie care si-au pierdut mirosul sau vrei sa le adaugi arome noi, pune o pastaie de vanilie folosita in recipientul in care le tii. Aromele de vanilie au efect calmant.

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